Pager Team versus Pager Duty, VictorOps, and Opsgenie

We believe in fair transparent pricing. To help you consider your options, we've provided this calculator. This calculator shows the price of the cheapest possible plan at each service, including "startup" plans for small teams. Your cost will vary based on a number of factors. We've pre-configured these settings with values typical for many of our customers. If you're unsure, try setting the number of people on the rotation to the size of your engineering team, and set the number of incidents to the number of times you've had a production emergency in the middle of the night in the past month.

Pager TeamPager DutyVictorOpsOpsgenie
Monthly price$1$10$15$25
Total annual cost$1$10$15$25
Included SMS notifications (US)
Included SMS notifications (International)
Included voice notifications (US)Shared with SMS
Included voice notifications (International)Shared with SMSShared with SMS
Are enough notifications included? (assuming an average of 2 SMS + 2 voice calls to reach someone when an incident occurs)
Voice (US)
SMS (international)
Voice (international)
Data sources
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