Configuring your monitoring system to use your Pager Team rotation

Integrating your monitoring system with Pager Team is simple: merely copy the webhook URL for your rotation in the UI by clicking the Copy Webhook URL button.
Put this webhook URL into your existing monitoring tool. Specific instructions can be found on your vendor's website:

Incident name

Pager Team looks at the following fields in the JSON content posted to your webhook in order to name your incident:
  1. title
  2. name
  3. summary
  4. condition_name
If one of these is not present, a time-based name ("New Incident - <time>") will be automatically generated for your incident.

De-duping incidents

Pager Team will automatically de-duplicate incidents with the same name and will not create a new incident if an un-resolved incident with the same name was opened in the past 24 hours. If the existing incident has been resolved, or is older than 24 hours, a new incident be created and the primary on-call will be engaged.

Automatic incident resolution

Although some systems can notify the webhook to resolve an incident automatically when the underlying metrics return to nominal, Pager Team does not resolve incidents automatically. Flapping alarms can indicate a serious problem, and if an urgent incident merits waking someone up in the middle of the night, it merits human investigation to confirm what went wrong. Leaving such an incident in acknowledged state can de-dupe further flapping alarms if it is indeed confirmed to not be an issue.